R. Groden's Work

Randy Groden's paintings ‘invite a mood of pure contemplation’ from the viewer; they are works of masterful skill and supreme aesthetic beauty. Though he admits sharing a strong affinity for the work of Caravaggio, Groden does not considerhimself a realist painter in the traditional sense. He paints real objects but, because of his utilization of certain contemporary techniques as part of the artistic process, the objects depicted are transported into a metaphysical, hyper-real context. What we see in a Groden painting is not ‘real’ because it is not what we would see were we to look with the naked eye - We see more. Groden shows us things more fully and more clearly than they appear to us in reality; everything is in focus, everything can be scrutinized. He allows us to notice every blemish and admire every curve of flesh in a piece of fruit or on a nude female form. Set against dramatic backgrounds of cloudy sky's, Or interesting interiors, the subject is lit from multiple angles, allowing for a full and objective appraisal of what we behold. Thus, what Groden shows us is, in his own words, a ‘Parallel World'. A universe familiar and beautiful to our eyes but, at the same time never seen on this earth before. 


 "I think women are the most powerful and beautiful 
creatures on earth. 

Randy Groden

Created by Randy Groden