Artist Randy Groden

  "From an early age, I have been in love with, inspired by and respected the female form," Groden says. "I think they are the most beautiful and admired creatures on earth. Every aspect of the female species excites me from their soft, undulating curves and sensuous facial features to their flowing silky hair, along with their strength and intelligence, seemingly somtimes superior even to their male conterparts."

Randy Groden's paintings ‘invite a mood of pure contemplation’ from the viewer; they are works of masterful skill and supreme aesthetic beauty. 

 Groden has a promising career. The artist is now a hot, emerging artist whose work sometimes sells for tens of thousands of dollars, even his sketch’s and watercolors go for high prices.

Although this is precisely what makes the art market baffling to outsiders. The value of art of course depends on its aesthetic value; a picture you enjoy looking at on your wall. His paintings are classified as desirable by the art market.

  After many portraits and an untold number of fine art paintings, Groden has made his mark in the world of art. In the 80's he lived and worked out of his 21 story, Turtle Creek penthouse with a view of the Dallas skyline.

Groden now has returned after a decade in tropical Maui, Hawaii and also a number of years in various places including the art destination of Santa Fe, New Mexico. In the last few years he has traveled to various inspiring romantic and artistic locals for more inspiration and sketching the beauty of such places as Venice, Rome, the Vatican, Sicily, Pompeii, Crete, Monaco, France, Barcelona, Spain before returning now to his roots in Metropolitan Dallas, Texas. 


  As a young man growing up in Oklahoma and Texas, Groden lived and worked on a ranch, milked cows and rode horses daily so he feels right at home back in Dallas, although sans the cattle and horses. 

  Walking into Groden's Dallas loft studio is stepping into his sanctuary, with comfortable furniture adorned with colorful blankets, pillows and there are an array of plants. An easel displays a work in progress; he sometimes works on as many as ten different paintings in various stages of completion. There are paint tubes, pastels and paintbrushes everywhere.

   The studio is comfortable, inviting and mood setting, as well as inspirational. 

   Collectors and friends are always welcome by appointment to visit Groden's Studio/Gallery in Dallas by appointment.

Randy Groden  


Created by Randy Groden