Artist Randy Groden

  "From an early age, I have been in love with the female form," Groden says. "I think they are the most beautiful creatures on earth. Every aspect of the female species excites me from the soft, undulating curves and sensuous facial features to their flowing silky hair."

Many portraits and an untold number of fine art paintings later, Groden has made his mark in the world of art. In the 80's he lived and worked out of his 21 story, Turtle Creek penthouse with a view of the Dallas skyline then moved to a 14-room bordello complete with long staircase and wooden floors in Historic downtown Hot Springs, a decade later moved to a Historic town in Up-Country Maui, Hawaii and opened a Gallery in a renovated locally historic butcher/hardware store for eight years. He now divides time between a modern loft artist’s studio/gallery in famous Santa Fe, New Mexico and located on the famous "Route 66" highway and a wonderful studio in Dallas Texas

As a young man growing up in Oklahoma and Texas, Groden lived and worked on a ranch, milked cows and rode horses daily. He feels right at home now in boots out West in Santa Fe. 

The city of Santa Fe and the surrounding areas have a high concentration of fine artists. They have come over the decades to capture the natural beauty of the landscape, the flora and the fauna. One of the most well-known New Mexico–based artists was Georgia O'Keeffe, who lived for a time in Santa Fe. 
Santa Fe is no longer just "Southwest Art." The city is well known as an international center for arts that reflect the multicultural character of the city; it has been designated as a UNESCO Creative City in Design. With more than 250 galleries to explore, you'll be astonished by the city's wide array of art, including traditional and contemporary painting, photography, pottery, sculpture, textiles and more. Santa Fe's Native American and Spanish Colonial roots are reflected in many of the galleries, but plenty of the world's other cultures are represented, too.   

Walking into Groden's Santa Fe studio is stepping into his sanctuary, with comfortable furniture adorned with colorful blankets, pillows and there are an array of plants. An easel displays a work in progress; he sometimes works on as many as ten different paintings in various stages of completion. There are paint tubes, pastels and paintbrushes everywhere.
The studio is comfortable, inviting and mood setting, as well as inspirational. 

Collectors and friends are always welcome by appointment to visit either Groden's Studio/Gallery in Santa Fe or his Dallas Studio.

Randy Groden

Created by Randy Groden