Murals II

                                              Murals by R. Groden 
From bedrooms and bathrooms to dining rooms and kitchens, murals can go just about anywhere; there are no limits to this creative art form. Mural painting, sometimes known as trompe l'oeil, has been around for centuries. Early mural decorations adorned tombs, temples and sanctuaries. But the Renaissance period, more than any other, cultivated the divine creativity of technical skill and artistic expression.

Throughout Europe artists were commissioned by royalty and the very wealthy to decorate their homes with lavish imagery and colors. Walls and ceilings were adorned with trompe l'oeil paintings. The French word trompe l'oeil means to "fool the eye," to deceive the viewer into thinking the scene is real, which is exactly what a good artist is able to accomplish; however, it requires a great deal of talent, training, and experience.

It is a simple choice do you want a "Luxurious Fine Art Mural" by Randy Groden or "Just a Mural"?

Created by Randy Groden